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FreeDOS 1.2

FreeDOS is a complete, free, DOS-compatible operating system that you can use to play classic DOS games, run legacy business software, or develop embedded systems. Any program that works on MS-DOS should also run on FreeDOS.

It doesn’t cost anything to download and use FreeDOS. You can also share FreeDOS for others to enjoy! And you can view and edit our source code, because all FreeDOS programs are distributed under the GNU General Public License or a similar open source software license.

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Classic games

Commander Keen 1You can play your favorite DOS games on FreeDOS. And there are a lot of great classic games to play: Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Commander Keen, Rise of the Triad, Jill of the Jungle, Duke Nukem, and many others!

Legacy software

AsEasyAs spreadsheetNeed to recover data from an old business program? Or maybe you need to run a report from your old finance system? Just install your legacy software under FreeDOS, and you’ll be good to go!

Embedded systems

DOS point of saleMany embedded systems run on DOS, although modern systems may instead run on Linux. If you support an older embedded system, you might be running DOS. And FreeDOS can fit in very well.

What's New?

Text User Interfaces for DOS

FDOSTUI is free source code for building text user interfaces. The language used is C++. It is inspired by the Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK). The latest version now supports using an INI file to configure your interface. The majority of the code and documentation is released into the public domain, with some modules derived from FLTK under the FLTK license. Read more at the FDOSTUI website.

EtherDFS - The Ethernet DOS File System

Mateusz Viste has created a new file sharing tool for FreeDOS and other DOS systems. EtherDFS is an 'installable filesystem' TSR for DOS that lets you share files between DOS and Linux over a network. It maps a drive from a remote computer (typically Linux-based) to a local drive letter, using raw ethernet frames to communicate. You can get EtherDFS files and documentation at the EtherDFS website.

Mateusz adds that this is still an "alpha version - it's in a very early stage, and lots is to be done yet. It does work however, and .. should work with MSDOS 5+, but I tested it only with FreeDOS so far."

FreeDOS reaches 100,000 downloads

We released FreeDOS 1.2 on December 25, and since then we have seen keen interest in the latest version of FreeDOS. As of this morning on January 26, we have had 100,000 downloads of FreeDOS 1.2. We were so close to that number yesterday, but it was early this morning that we finally reached 100,000 downloads of FreeDOS 1.2. That's a just a month and a day to reach this major milestone. We think that's pretty impressive!

FreeDOS on FLOSS Weekly

The FLOSS Weekly Show interviewed Jim Hall about our recent FreeDOS 1.2 release. It was a lot of fun to talk about the history of FreeDOS, and how people use FreeDOS today. You can watch the video or listen to the audio stream via the TWIT.TV network, as FLOSS Weekly #416. Thanks to Randal Schwartz and Simon Phipps for the great interview!

First week for FreeDOS 1.2

Since we released FreeDOS 1.2 a week ago, lots of people have downloaded the new version. In just the last week, FreeDOS 1.2 was downloaded almost 45,000 times! This plus the downloads of the FreeDOS 1.2 test release set a new download record for FreeDOS. We track monthly download stats for FreeDOS, and our peak recorded month was 69,600 downloads in 2014. We've averaged around 30,000 downloads per month over the last two years. In December 2016, we had over 85,000 downloads! Thanks to all our fans - you are amazing!