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FreeDOS is a complete, free, DOS-compatible operating system that you can use to play classic DOS games, run legacy business software, or develop embedded systems. Any program that works on MS-DOS should also run on FreeDOS.

It doesn’t cost anything to download and run FreeDOS. Even better, you can view and edit our source code. All FreeDOS programs are distributed under the GNU General Public License or a similar open source software license.

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picoTCP: TCP/IP stack for DOS

Mateusz Viste writes with news about a new project, porting picoTCP to DOS. "picoTCP is a modern, dual-stack, open-source TCP/IP stack. Created by Intelligent Systems (Altran) primarily as a stack for embedded computing. It is backed by a well established corporation and actively maintained. I played with the stack for some time now, and built a DOS compatibility layer around it. Here it is, the first public release of picoTCP for DOS! The project contains three major parts: (1) ipcfg, to configure networking (2) ping (3) an OpenWatcom library to use with network-enabled 16-bit DOS programs." picotcp4dos.sourceforge.net

DJGPP 2.05 (386+)

After many years of 2.04 in /beta/, the DJGPP group has finally decided to skip finalizing that and just release 2.05 in /current/ (replacing old stable 2.03p2)! The latest GCC/G++ is 5.2.0, using BinUtils 2.25 and Make 4.1. Use the Zip Picker or find your nearest mirror, and get downloading! Feel free to leave feedback in the newsgroup as well.

FDNPKG 0.99.2

Mateusz has released FDNPKG v0.99.2. "The biggest improvement is that there is now a 16-bit companion tool called FDINST. It's a very stripped-down version of FDNPKG: - no networking - no repositories support - no internationalization - no LZMA support - real mode, 8086 compatible. FDINST borrows most of its code from FDNPKG, to make sure that both tools behave exactly the same way, hence it doesn't matter whether you install something via FDNPKG or FDINST. Should be useful for people wishing to install packages on their 8086 machines. This could also be used by some future FreeDOS installer to install an entire system from floppy or CD." You can find FDNPKG 0.99.2 at website.

Wcd 5.3.0

Wcd is a command-line program to change directory fast. It saves time typing at the keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory name and wcd will jump to it. Wcd has a fast selection method in case of multiple matches and allows aliasing and banning of directories. Wcd also includes a full screen interactive directory tree browser with speed search. Erwin Waterlander released wcd 5.3.0. From Erwin's announcement: "It is a minor update. The loading of the graphical tree is faster. For the rest it is minor bug fixes." Download at Wcd website.

DOSMid v0.8

Mateusz released a new version of DOSMid, an open-source MIDI/MUS player for DOS. This version added support for additional hardware, fixed a few minor bugs, and optimized the code so DOSMid runs comfortably on an 8086. If you want to see the new DOSMid in action, see this YouTube video. To download the new DOSMid, visit dosmid.sourceforge.net.

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