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September, 2006

FreeDOS 1.0

w00t!!!!1 FreeDOS "1.0" got released today! This is a very important day. I want to send out my thanks to everyone who has worked on the FreeDOS Project, to help bring us to the "1.0" release. That includes both current members and past members. There are too many of you to name, so I can't name everyone, but to call attention to just a few of you:

  • Pat Villani: wrote our first kernel
  • Tim Norman: wrote our first
  • Blair Campell
  • Jeremy Davis: longtime kernel maintainer
  • Tom Ehlert
  • Alain
  • Arkady
  • Bart Oldeman: big-time kernel maintainer
  • Russ Nelson
  • Bernd
  • Eric Auer
  • Aitor
  • Joe Cosentino
  • Jim Tabor: forklifted our kernel to support network redirection
  • John Price: longtime kernel and FreeCOM maintainer
  • Steffen Kaiser: longtime FreeCOM maintainer
  • Brian
  • Florian
  • Morgan 'Hannibal' Toal: for keeping FreeDOS going when I took time off
  • Shane
  • Imre
  • Mike Devore: for all your contributions, and for making me laugh
  • Paul
  • Raster
  • Jack
  • Gregory Pietsch
  • ..and all the rest of you.
If I missed you in the list, it's just because there are too many of you to call out individually. This release would not have happened if it were not for the efforts of lots of contributors who believed in a little free software project that was quietly announced to the world in 1994. We've come a long way. I love the FreeDOS that we have today. For me, it was definitely worth the wait.

And to celebrate, huge party!