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November, 2007

FreeDOS 1.1?

It's been over a year since our 1.0 (Sep 2006) release, and many of our packages have been updated since then. I'd like to see us create a "1.1" release sometime soonish. Blair is interested in rolling our 1.1 distro, but I think he'd like some help. If there's anyone our there who'd be willing to assist, please let us know.

We should set some timelines for this, if we're all going to make it work. A "soft" and "hard' freeze worked well for the 1.0 release ... so let's us that again.

A number of us have holidays coming up, and I don't expect to see much happening until they are over. Let's set the target dates like so:

Soft freeze

begins 30 Jan 2008. In the soft freeze, the software list is considered frozen (no new packages accepted) but any bug fixes or improvements to existing packages will be fine.
Hard freeze
begins 1 Mar 2008. That means that we need to finalize the distro, so only *high-impact* bug fixes to packages will make it into FreeDOS 1.1. Minor bug fixes or user interfaces updates to existing packages will not be included in FreeDOS 1.1.
Our target for release should be around 15 Apr 2008. That gives us enough time to make test releases of FreeDOS 1.1 (based on hard freeze) before the final release.