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November, 2008

The FreeDOS Bugzilla is moving

Eric, Markus, and I have been discussing what to do with the FreeDOS Bugzilla. As you've probably noticed, the server often is slow to respond, or just returns errors. The server is underpowered to run a bug database, and Eric & I have run out of spare time to work on moving the FreeDOS Bugzilla to a new server. We've agreed things will only be worse for us when we need to apply the next bugzilla update. But the FreeDOS Bugzilla also isn't getting used much, so it's time to retire Bugzilla and use something else instead.

We are moving our bug tracking to the SourceForge Bug Tracker.

Here's the schedule:

December 1

The FreeDOS Bugzilla will be marked as "no new bugs". Developers will still be able to update bugs (close, add comments, reassign, ..) that are already there, but no one can open new bugs. At the same time, the new Tracker will be opened for new bugs.
December 8
We'll create a read-only html archive of the FreeDOS Bugzilla as of this date, and post the archive on the FreeDOS web site. At the same time, we'll retire the server.
Note that SourceForge does not provide a method to import bugs from Bugzilla into the Tracker, so we cannot do this automatically. Sorry.