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December, 2008

FD-DOC site move

Now that the bugzilla archive is done, I'm turning my attention to web cleanup. We have a lot of stale pages that are simply no longer being maintained (some are on and others are not - for example, old mirror sites.) My goal is to identify the "dead" pages and get them deleted/removed, and have other sites cleaned up or consolidated.

That means we're doing a realignment within the FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC.) Currently, we're working in "silos" at a time when we really need to pull together behind a common system.

Having a separate FD-DOC project to manage the Spec, FAQ, and other docs doesn't really make sense. Eric is kind of the default owner of FD-DOC, but really he just runs that site because of the FAQ. Yet the rest of us (including me, sometimes) feel that the FD-DOC stuff is "hands off" and that it's one person's to maintain and edit. The rest of the docs never get updated, and eventually become so old they have incorrect information about FreeDOS. So I want to make it easier for users, and have the information out there be as up-to-date and correct as possible.

When the FD-DOC project was spun off from FreeDOS in 2001, it made sense to have a separate project to manage our docs. Eugene was with us to start FD-DOC at SourceForge, and he went through all the FreeDOS documentation from the site, trying to organize everything into a single repository. FreeDOS was a lot more popular then, too. We had a lot of developers - and to manage everything, it was more effective to split up the major efforts into separate project.

But times have changed, we're a lot smaller now. We should start moving stuff back to the site where it is more visibly part of the larger "FreeDOS community" - where everyone can help to contribute, and it's not in any one person's hands.

I'd like to start by moving the critical docs first:

  • FreeDOS Manifesto
  • FreeDOS Spec
  • HOWTOs
  • Mini HOWTOs
We have a FreeDOS MediaWiki provided for us by SourceForge - I can import the docs into that.

Merry Christmas

It's almost Christmas, so I thought I'd present to you this cute version of Blinky, the FreeDOS fish, wearing a Santa hat.

I hope everyone enjoys the holidays!