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January, 2009

FreeDOS Wiki

Previously, I wrote about the FD-DOC site move. So the time has come to migrate away from FD-DOC, and start managing everything "centrally". We have a MediaWiki provided for us by the kind folks at SourceForge. For the last 2 weeks, I've been copying & pasting documentation from FD-DOC into the Wiki at SourceForge, where it is more visibly part of the larger "FreeDOS community" - where everyone can help to contribute, and it's not in just one person's hands.

I'm happy to report that I've finished this important milestone - the HOWTOs, mini-HOWTOs, the FreeDOS Spec, and FreeDOS Manifesto have been migrated into the FreeDOS Wiki! How the old FD-DOC Wiki maps into the new FreeDOS Wiki:

FreeDOS Wiki

  • Main Page- FreeDOS Information Sheet


  • Howto- list of all HOWTOs
  • Laptops- FreeDOS on Laptops
  • Games- Gamers How To
  • Network- DOS Networking HOWTO
  • Advocacy- FreeDOS advocacy How-to
  • Coding- FreeDOS Coding How-to
  • Contribute- FreeDOS Contribute How-to
  • Install- FreeDOS install How-to. Also includes FreeDOS with VirtualPC Mini How-to, by Renee Brandt.
  • Package- FreeDOS package How-to
  • Patching- Kernel patch submit How-to


  • 3Com- 3Com Packet Driver Mini How-to, by J├│hann "Myrkraverk" ├ôskarsson
  • Subversion- SVN at SourceForge Mini How-to
  • Distributions- FreeDOS Distribution Mini How-to
  • International- FreeDOS International Support Mini How-to
  • NFS- FreeDOS NFS Networking Mini How-to, by John Harrison
  • Htmlhelp- Html Help Tags
  • USB- USB Boot Disk, by Rui Miguel Silva Seabra . Merged with USB Boot Disk with Windows Vista, by freedosuser.

FreeDOS Spec

  • FreeDOS Spec- the FreeDOS Spec
  • Bug tracking system- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec
  • Config.sys- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec
  • Country codes- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec
  • Dos commands- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec
  • Extension commands- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec
  • Internal commands- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec
  • Ralf Brown's Interrupt List- appendix to the FreeDOS Spec

FreeDOS Manifesto

  • Manifesto- the FreeDOS Manifesto (English only)

For those that are curious: the next step will be to go through these Wiki entries again, and split out topics into separate entries. For example, the entry on DOS commands contains a list of every FreeDOS/MS-DOS command, including its usage. It would be better to have a separate Wiki entry for each command. But this will take some time, and I'll need your help. If you're interested in contributing, all you need to edit the FreeDOS Wiki is a username on SourceForge.

You can help

If you're looking for a status update on the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution, here it is:

Not done yet. We're still working on it. We need help. Coming soon!

We're looking for help in putting together the FreeDOS 1.1 distribution, and that means you! What's in the queue before we can roll out the "1.1" distro:

  1. Mateusz has the new FDUPDATE but you cannot (yet) use it to update from FreeDOS 1.0 to "1.1", since not all the clean zip packages have been completed. Check the package list to start.
  2. We need someone to assemble the FreeDOS 1.1 packages. This will probably be related to the FDUPDATE work.
  3. The updated Installer hasn't been worked on. Not sure this is going to happen for the release. Aitor may be working on it; please contact him to contribute.
Additional features of FreeDOS 1.1:
  • Fritz is almost done with the new update for HTMLHELP, including German and English texts. Needs proof-reading. Email freedos-devel if you can help.
  • Brian's new FDISK needs testing. It's currently at version 1.3.1.
  • The FreeDOS bug database (a separate list is also at the FD-DOC wiki) shows all known problems with FreeDOS 1.0. Contact a developer through the Software List.
  • We also need help with testing, especially as we get closer to making a pre-release.
For FreeDOS 1.1, we aren't planning any major changes. This will pretty much be an update to the 1.0 release, but with a new Update program, an optional floppy-only "Base" install, and (hopefully) a few updates to the Install program. Let's worry about other, larger changes in later releases.

FreeDOS Wiki update

Okay, it looks like the FreeDOS Wiki isn't tweaked right, at least for allowing users to edit. A few of you have emailed me to let me know you cannot edit the Wiki, even though you have a SF login. Ideally, any user with a SF login should be able to edit the Wiki.

I've gone through the Wiki settings, and I can't see what's wrong. So I've opened a support request, and hope to have this resolved in a few days.

Update: While I thought permissions were wide open, SF confirms that you need a wiki account to edit the Wiki. This is to prevent spamming. They have raised this as an enhancement request. In the meantime, if you want to edit the FreeDOS Wiki, please create a wiki account for yourself, then request an admin to allow you to edit.