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July, 2009

FreeDOS on Twitter

As many of you are aware, you can now follow FreeDOS on Twitter: @FreeDOS_Project. Thanks to Pat Villani for setting this up for us!

However, note that there is a squatter on the @freedos name. That person seems to be just using the name, and hasn't posted any tweets. We're trying to get this resolved. In the meantime, if you want to follow FreeDOS on Twitter, make sure to use @FreeDOS_Project.

BTW, it's unfortunate to request that Twitter remove this squatter. If the person had been using the "freedos" account for something, even related to FreeDOS, that probably would have been okay. Not to mention, I'd really like to see the FreeDOS Project use @freedos for our Twitter feed, and it's clear this guy is just squatting on the name.