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April, 2011

I'm back!

Pat and I have been discussing this via email for a week or so, but it's official now. Pat needs to step away from the FreeDOS Project for personal reasons, and I've agreed to return as FreeDOS project coordinator.

So let me take this moment to say "I'm back!"

A quick summary for those curious about my whereabouts since doing the handoff to Pat in 2009:

I had planned to enter grad school, for a Master's degree in Management of Technology ("MS-MOT"). But a few months after passing the coordinator role to Pat, and right before entering the MOT program, I had an opportunity to apply for an outstanding job. I had to decide: pay the non-refundable tuition, and ignore the fabulous opportunity—or miss the tuition deadline to apply for the new position.

I went for the job. While I didn't get that job, those events led me to an even better position as campus IT Director/CIO at the University of Minnesota Morris, where I am now.

I never totally disappeared from FreeDOS, anyway. If you're on the 'freedos-svn' email list, you may have noticed I did some work on an updated FreeDOS Installer. And of course, I've been updating the web site.