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December, 2011

mTCP doing something silly

Memes can be a lot of fun. One meme is the Nyan Cat, which started as an animated GIF of a cat with a Pop-Tart body, flying through space, leaving a rainbow trail. The animation is more popularly known as a YouTube video set to a remix of the song "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!". Hence, Nyan Cat.

Kevin Lange has taken the meme to the "next level" and set up the Nyan Cat telnet server. This is an animated, color, ANSI-text telnet server that renders a loop of the classic Nyan Cat animation.

You may ask "Why?" Because he can.

FreeDOS has a telnet client included in the mTCP tools, by Michael Brutman. And as it turns out, mTCP's telnet is solid enough to render the Nyan Cat! Michael writes:

And now, for absolutely no reason at all, the picture:

The 386-40 is fine, but the PCjr is having a hard time drawing the screen that fast. It has stayed connected for over 20 minutes though, and it is still going.

The colors don't match exactly—CGA can't do the light background that the ANSI codes are using.
Again, you may ask "Why?" Because FreeDOS can. Enjoy!