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July, 2015

Visual batch tools (simplifying the install process)

I don't think of these tools as the "FreeDOS Install program" per-se. Rather, they are a set of useful batch tools that others might use for other things. It also makes a very nice FreeDOS Install program.

I imagine that the "V" tools will all share a common command line syntax. So options to define the background color, text color, window color, window background, screen title, and window title. Environment variables would also be a nice option.

So with the right options to define background color=blue, title background color=cyan, title text color=black, window background color=red, window text color=white, … title="FreeDOS 1.2", window title="Hi there!" … you might have this:

VECHO "This is a simple message box"
FreeDOS 1.2
Hi there!
This is a simple message box
I'm just making stuff up as I type, but maybe the options could be defined as environment variables like so:
Or as command line options:
VECHO /VBACKGR:BLUE /VTITLEBG:CYAN /VTITLE:BLACK … "This is a simple message box"
By providing flexibility for both command line options and environment variables, it will make things very easy for someone who wants to use the "VTOOLS" to make their own "visual" batch script.

With text options:
VECHO /TITLE:"FreeDOS 1.2" /WIN:"Hi there!" "This is a simple message box"