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October, 2016

Looking ahead to FreeDOS 1.2

Have you been testing the pre-releases of the upcoming FreeDOS 1.2 release? Jerome and others have been doing a great job putting this together, and I think we are almost "there" for a final FreeDOS 1.2 release.

We have only a few minor changes based on the latest 1.2-pre23. So we are planning the next one to be the release candidate! We are looking at the following release schedule:

10/31 - FreeDOS 1.2 RC1
11/24 - FreeDOS 1.2 RC2
12/25 - FreeDOS 1.2 official release

I think Jerome described the holiday-based release schedule best with this:

1.2 RC1 on 10/31/16, Scary release
1.2 RC2 on 11/24/16, Thankful if not needed
1.2 Final on 12/25/16, Gift to all FreeDOS users

I'd really appreciate everyone testing the heck out of this. We want to find (and fix!) any issues that still remain. Watch for official announcements on the FreeDOS website for each of the release candidates.

As always, please continue to test the latest FreeDOS 1.2-pre23 and report any issues. We'll work those fixes into the release candidate. You can download the pre-release version at ibiblio.