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April, 2019

Jim is changing jobs

After three years as CIO in local government, over eight years as CIO in public sector, and twenty years of IT Leadership—I’ve decided I want to focus on coaching, advising, and mentoring IT Leaders. I have launched an IT Executive Consulting practice, Hallmentum, to help IT Leaders with strategic planning, turnaround situations, and organizational development. I also offer IT Leadership Development training to build new leaders, and Essential IT Management training to help current managers hone their skills.

I am really excited for this new opportunity. It’s not every day that you start your own business!

Starting a company takes a lot of time, and that means less time for other things. So I’ve been slow to respond to my FreeDOS email.

I’ll commit as much time as I can to working on FreeDOS, but please understand that I may be distracted from FreeDOS while I start my business.