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July, 2019

Support FreeDOS on Patreon

For a few years now, people have asked if they can donate to FreeDOS in some way. Well, I've finally set up a way to do it. I've started a Patreon so you can support FreeDOS! Help keep the FreeDOS Project going by making a monthly pledge. With your support, we can make the next version of FreeDOS even better!

After over 8 years as CIO in public sector, and over 20 years in IT Leadership, I decided to change gears and start an IT Executive consulting company. This career change also gives me more flexibility for projects. If I can generate enough income from Patreon, I can take time out of my consulting practice and commit more time to work on FreeDOS.

Your donations will help me free up my time to do more direct work on FreeDOS. With this extra time, I'll be able to work on bug fixes, add new features, and make new releases.

Specifically, I have set these initial goals:

  • Create videos about FreeDOS, like how to navigate and use FreeDOS. Will also cover great DOS software like spreadsheets and word processors and games.
  • Update the FreeDOS website, to make it easier to use and navigate.
  • Update the FreeDOS wiki, to make information more complete and easier to find.
  • Fix bugs in FreeDOS programs. We have a long list in the FreeDOS bug tracker that haven't been worked on in a while.
  • Port Linux and Unix programs to FreeDOS, to make it easier for Linux users to explore FreeDOS.
  • Write new programs for FreeDOS. These could include utilities and games.

You can donate at different levels, starting at $1/month. Join at $5/month and you will get early access to videos. For $10/month or $20/month, I'll list your name on the FreeDOS website as a supporter. Donate even more and I'll link back to you as a sponsor.

Please don't feel obligated to donate. FreeDOS is a great hobby that I've been working on with a great developer community for over twenty-five years (since June 1994) so I'll keep working on FreeDOS regardless. But with your support, I can dedicate even more time to work on FreeDOS.
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