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July, 2020

The FreeDOS Blog has moved

In May, I mentioned that I was planning to consolidate the web traffic for FreeDOS to a single place. We had a lot of places for people to go online, and it was spreading the communication channels too thin, so it was difficult to find people. As part of that site consolidation, I have archived the FreeDOS Blog from Blogger, and moved it to I've made the Blogger version invisible. Right now, the updated blog is just a static archive. There's no search (yet) to help find specific items, but I plan to add that.

I don't often use the FreeDOS Blog. Earlier this year, I had started linking to our FreeDOS videos on YouTube, but that was the most I'd used the blog in a while. I plan to use the blog if I need to write about something that's very long (longer than will fit in a regular news item) and then I'll link to it as a news item on the front page so you can find it.