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Email lists are email addresses which send email to all users subscribed to the list. Sending an email to a list reaches all users interested in discussing a specific topic and helping other users with their questions.

Do you have a question about FreeDOS, or need help installing? freedos-user is the place for general FreeDOS discussion.
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Are you interested in writing programs for FreeDOS? freedos-devel is for developers, developers, developers!
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Do you want to contribute to the FreeDOS kernel? freedos-kernel is aimed at FreeDOS kernel developers.
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We have only a few rules for posting to the mailing lists.

Other discussion lists

Forums are like message boards. You can post a question, and come back later to see if someone has answered it.

Usenet groups provide structured access to a number of knowledgeable and helpful DOS users.

Chat is a real-time, text-based form of communication with multiple people in an open channel. You will need a chat client.