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Title freexp
Version v3.40 RC4
Entered-date 2006-03-17
Description FreeXP is a further developed version of the well known multinet software CrossPoint (XP). It's a Mail- and Newsreader for Internet/Usenet as well as a Fido mailer and Point package for various other mailbox networks such as ZConnect, Maus etc.
Keywords mail, news, internet, usenet, pop3, smtp, nntp, uucp, fido, zconnect
Author FreeXP
Maintained-by Michael Heydekamp
Primary-site FXP340.ZIP
Alternate-site FXP340.ZIP
Platforms DOS, FreeDOS, DOSEMU, DOSBox (all compiled with Borland Pascal 7.01)
Copying-policy GNU General Public License, version 2

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