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Title jemm386
Version 5.78
Entered-date 2013-06-27
Description Jemm386 is an Expanded Memory Manager for DOS, based on original FreeDOS EMM386. It has several advantages compared to FreeDOS and/or MS-DOS EMM386: * needs only 192 bytes DOS memory * needs very little extended memory * is faster * works with MS-DOS, FreeDOS and EDR-DOS * will use features implemented on later CPUs to further increase speed (VME) * has full VDS support * can optionally be loaded from the command line. Licensed as GPL v2 / Artistic 1.0.
Keywords himem + emm386, stable, compatibility, memory manager, jemmex, himemx, xms, ems
Author Japheth , Tom Ehlert, Michael Devore
Maintained-by Japheth
Platforms DOS
Copying-policy Source code available (open)

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