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FreeDOS Email Lists

Most of the FreeDOS developers communicate with each other on email lists. Sending an email to a list reaches all users interested in discussing a specific topic and helping other users with their questions. The email lists are generally low volume. We have only a few rules about the email lists.

Are you new to FreeDOS?
Do you have a question about FreeDOS, or need help installing? Freedos-user is the place for general FreeDOS discussion.
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Are you a developer?
Are you interested in writing programs for FreeDOS? Freedos-devel is for developers, developers, developers!
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Other Forums

Want to connect with other FreeDOS users? You might be interested in one of these other channels. These are not official FreeDOS discussion channels, but possible other places to discuss FreeDOS. Post a question, and come back later to see if someone has answered it.

DOS Ain’t Dead

This forum started as a support board, and has evolved into a general discussion board for all DOS-compatible operating systems.

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An open discussion and collaboration forum on the Slack platform, dedicated to FreeDOS. Also has feeds from FreeDOS News.

Slack is used by a few developers, but the main discussion is still at the email lists.

Sign in to Slack. If you don't have an account already, email Jerome or Jim to get an invitation.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC is a common method to chat with others on the Internet. IRC also provides some anonymity.

We don't officially use IRC (we use the email lists instead) but some developers do hang out here.

Freenode IRC and join the ##freedos channel.

Libera Chat and join the #freedos channel.

Usenet groups

Usenet groups provide forum-like discussion boards, and were the original way we communicated about FreeDOS until we set up the email lists.

The group is dedicated to FreeDOS. See also comp.os.msdos.misc and comp.os.msdos.programmer