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Jim Hall


23 Years of FreeDOS

I started FreeDOS in 1994, when I was still an undergraduate physics student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Almost immediately, other developers contacted me, and we began work creating our own version of DOS that would be compatible with MS-DOS. I packaged my own extended DOS utilities, as did others, and we found other public domain or open source programs that replaced other DOS commands. A few months later, we released our first FreeDOS Alpha distribution. This interested new developers to join FreeDOS. From there, FreeDOS grew very quickly.

On June 29th, 2017, FreeDOS turned 23 years old. There’s nothing special about "23," but I thought it would be great to celebrate the anniversary by having a bunch of past and current users share their stories about why they use FreeDOS. So, I made a call for users to write their own FreeDOS stories, as part of a month-long FreeDOS Blog Challenge.

We've created a free ebook that collects everyone's FreeDOS stories. This ebook contains the voices of many of the users who contributed their stories, as well as the history of FreeDOS. Many individuals have helped make FreeDOS what it is, but this ebook represents only a few of them. I hope you enjoy this collection of 23 years of everything FreeDOS!

Download here: 23 Years of FreeDOS (ebook) [CC BY]

You can find more FreeDOS history at our FreeDOS History page, or on the FreeDOS Road Map (discussion) page at our wiki.