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Looking for something to add to FreeDOS? We've collected links to other useful websites, including information, history, and software. These websites are not affiliated with FreeDOS; we cannot assume responsibility for them. However, we hope they may be useful to you.


VirtualBox, QEMU, GNOME Boxes, PCem, Bochs, DOSEMU, Plex86, JPC(Java), Dioscuri(Java), Limbo(Java), v86(Javascript), Jslinux(Javascript)


Simtel 2.0 games collection,'s DOS games, Classic DOS Games, DOS Games Archive, DOS Games, …


CDROM and FTP site archives, Simtel 2.0 collection,'s DOS applications, Interesting DOS programs, GNUish archive, …

Power tools

Beowulf Clusters for DOS(freeware), DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender, DOS Power Toys, ATA/ATAPI low level driver, …


Sioux web server(freeware), DOS VNC Viewer, DOS web programs, Fred's DOS Internet software, DOS TCP/IP, picoTCP, Crynwr packet drivers, …

Technical info

How to setup Arachne, DOS USB devices, DOS information and tips, DR-DOS untold story, Fdisk information, Alex's disk structures page,


Crescent Software/Full Moon Software as public domain, Borland Museum: Turbo C++ version 1.01(freeware), Borland Museum: Turbo C version 2.01(freeware), Digital Mars C/C++(freeware), Alice Pascal(freeware), Turbo Vision TUI, TxWin TUI,