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NASM 2.13.02

On Nov. 29, hpa and pals released NASM 2.13.02. Noticeable changes: -- option -MW to quote dependency outputs according to Watcom Make conventions instead of POSIX Make conventions (see Section 2.1.11), -- the obj output format now contains embedded dependency file information, unless disabled with %pragma obj nodepend (see Section 7.4.9). For full revision history, see here. Download binaries and (BSD 2-clause) sources at their website or mirrored at iBiblio under /devel/asm/nasm/ .

FreePascal 3.0.4

On Nov. 28, the FreePascal developers released FPC 3.0.4, a minor bugfix release. You can read user changes, read the online docs, or download binaries and GPLv2 sources from either SourceForge or iBiblio mirror. Note that cross-compilers for the i8086-msdos target exist (but still not for Go32v2 host yet ... use HX!).

FreeDOS Edlin 2.17

Gregory Pietsch writes with news about FreeDOS Edlin: "Just in time for Christmas, I received notification of a bug in FreeDOS Edlin. The bug happened when the user attempts to open a non-existent file. Well, in version 2.17, it's a bug no more! I also cleaned up the configure script a little, because the old file looked past its prime and had stuff in it that I wasn't using." You can find it at FreeDOS Edlin at SourceForge. Thanks!

Blocek 1.6

Laaca recently announced "After a quite long period I prepared a new version of my unicode (and not unicode) text editor and image viewer Blocek." Features include: - fixed graphical glitch causing garbage in some circumstancies when opening a new window - mouse sometimes caused noticeable slowdown of program - reenabled the char typing using ALT + <codes on="" numeric="" keyboard=""> - fixed crash when "word wrapping" on empty file was selected + implemented function keys CTRL+right arrow and CTRL+left arrow + implemented function CTRL+A (select all) + CTRL+Del deletes selected block + selected blocks are now visible just in the text + program language can be switched directly from menu system (no manual editing of conf. files is needed). You can download the latest release from Laaca's website.

DJGPP port of GCC-5.5.0

On USENET, in comp.os.msdos.djgpp, Andris Pavenis posted about the updated DJGPP port of GCC-5.5.0. See the GCC 5 website for more information about GCC-5.5.0 and about changes in comparison with earlier versions. You can find the announcement of the DJGPP port of GCC-5.5.0 also at Google Groups with links to all the downloads.