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We've collected links to other useful websites, including information, history, and software. These websites are not affiliated with FreeDOS, and we cannot assume responsibility for them. However, they may be useful to you. Not all of these may be open source software.

PC Emulators

Most people run FreeDOS using a PC emulator or virtual machine. This is often the easiest way to boot FreeDOS.

VirtualBox | QEMU | Bochs | PCem | 86Box | Dosemu2 | JSLinux(Javascript)


Collections of classic DOS games.'s DOS games archive | RGB's classic games | DOS games archive | DOS games collection


Various utilities that may make FreeDOS more useful to you.

Retroarchive's CD-ROM and FTP site archives | DJGPP's GNU utilities | FreeDOS Unix-like utilities | GNUish utilities archive | Reimagery Unix tools for DOS |'s DOS applications and programs | Interesting DOS programs


Compilers and other tools that developers may find interesting. FreeDOS already includes several open source programming tools which you may prefer to use instead.

Turbo C++ version 1.01 (freeware) | Turbo C version 2.01 (freeware) | Digital Mars C and C++ Compilers


Programs and drivers to connect you to a network. These may no longer be up to date.

Fred's DOS Internet Software | PPP packet driver | DOSVNC - a DOS Viewer for VNC

Technical Information

Additional documentation about DOS. Not likely to be included in the FreeDOS Wiki.

FreeDOS Books | Ralph Brown's Interrupt List (HTML view) | DOS information and tips | The untold story of DR-DOS | Alex's information about disk structures | How to set up Arachne

Power Tools

Useful tools that don't really fit into other categories.

Beowulf supercomputing clusters for DOS | Essential DOS 5.00-8.00 power toys | NVME, SATA, and PATA testing tools for DOS